About Us

Objectives and goals driven by our founding key principles.

Key Principles

At the heart of it all - for sake of humanity and housing - are the pillars behind affecting change.

  • Pillar 1

    Emphasize and define the value housing providers bring to communities as Social Entrepreneurs through a Public Relations campaign rather than be incorrectly defined as profiteers.

  • Pillar 2

    Illustrate the Social Impact that housing provider investments have with communities and renters, through a collection of real experiences that demonstrate the generosity of humanity.

  • Pillar 3

    Lead by example as neutral advocates for the industry-at-large to serve the best interest of both housing providers and renters alike, who seek common ground, by re-envisioning a parallel system to provide low-cost housing using innovation to focus forward and problem solve.

  • Pillar 4

    Demonstrate neutrality and accountability, whether it be from bad actors within, or external players that are acting detrimentally to the industry - as determined by a joint housing committee consisting of both renters and housing providers.

  • Pillar 5

    Advocate and create uniform industry standards for rental housing that may appropriately be adopted by federal, state, and local governments (much like building and fire codes) and immersively educate and innovate methods of geo-graphic instructive guidance to members.

  • Pillar 6

    Advocate for revision of existing financial instruments and participate with creation of additional financial instruments and funding mechanisms for community development investment for market-rate low-cost housing.